Systems specially made for you not only turn out to be more useful but also help your business increase sales and gain better outputs.

Significant features of our bespoke systems

Effective business

Only if a system functions well and is designed well, it can be called effective. We develop smart and tested softwares according to your business needs.


We develop bespoke systems which are easy to control and require less intervention. Well-controlled systems not only increase productivity but also help decrease errors.

Optimised workflow

We make sure that our bespoke systems serve the right purpose. We design them in a way that not only make tasks easier but also help optimise service and maintain a smooth workflow.

Customize CRM

We develop customised CRM system that help track your business process at a glance making it easily accessible, quick and efficient. They also help you with future sales forecasting, customer issues, management and communication.

Customize ERP

We have the required coding skills and technical softwares used for customization. We modify and customize ERP systems for you to help your business get what it really needs. Customisation saves time and makes it easy for you to achieve the desired outcome.

Third party Integration

We help you develop custom applications and systems that can directly connect to the third-party software to resultantly get an integrated service combining the features of your business as well as of the third-party.

Why appoint Zithas for developing your bespoke systems?

We understand what the literal meaning of bespoke is and provide your business the most appropriate kind of bespoke system that serves multiple purposes.


We design systems which are more automatic and self-working rather than having people operate them. The systems establish centralized control that can help in addressing several functions together, at the same time easily.


We develop bespoke systems flexible and adaptive in nature. With this we mean, designing systems that can be easily updated and easily changed according to the current requirements.

USP/ Branding

Your bespoke system can be your USP. We develop systems that can help your business gain attention by being different yet efficient and easy for both customers as well as the firm.

We are here to address any of your queries regarding bespoke systems.


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