Everything’s easier and quicker when you have a computer!

Right from childhood, kids are taught how to operate computers and perform various tasks. Today, the technology being at its peak, the computer system not only makes our tasks easier but also functions as a bank of information that you have an easy access to. With a binary system completely operating on 0’s and 1’s it’s magical how the computers function and manage to handle multiple tasks at a time- be it simple calculations or something as tedious as transferring large amounts of data in the blink of an eye which would never have been possible without computers.

If the invention of computers and related technologies has made the working of the world swifter and effortless – then you haven’t checked out these tricks! They will not only facilitate smoother functioning of your PC but will also help you to submit all your projects in a jiffy!

Windows + E

These keys together can help you open Internet explorer, thus allowing you to get access to the world of Internet – almost instantly.

Windows + M

This shortcut minimizes all the open windows and operations. Thus, now you no more need to click on the minimize button of every open window – its easy and instant – with this shortcut!

Alt + Tab

Have you forgotten what were the tabs and windows you opened since you switched on your system? These keys will help you scroll through the already open windows and tabs.

The computer systems right from their invention have undergone a rapid evolution from earlier being huge booths of wires and screens to now having wireless devices and LED screens which hardly occupy any space. The journey of computer has been commendable and the engineers even today are doing a remarkable job. If we look back at the earlier times when these systems were not invented, we cannot even imagine how people back then managed to do their work without having even a chip of access to the technology we have today. The generation today enjoys these highly developed systems and can surely be called blessed being lucky enough to have access to these!