Know why E-mail marketing won’t go out of fashion anytime soon.

E-mails have been in use since their inception. And e-mail marketing is here since a long time too. According to Radicati group, more than 3.7 billion people use emails around the globe. And that’s more than half of the world population. E-mail marketing has helped businesses grow since a very long time. It is still one of the most professional and trusted ways of dealing with potential clients.
It is more effective than social media at some levels. Social media, despite being a very important component in any business’s marketing strategy, ranks below e-mail marketing in converting people into members, customers or supporters.
E-mail marketing is an easy, effective and inexpensive form of marketing. It allows businesses to reach large number of consumers at almost free. For budget restricted, small business owners, this makes a better choice than going for traditional marketing channels like radio, television or direct mail. It helps generate the highest ROI for marketers. And we don’t say that, studies say.
E-mails can be personalised according to customer’s needs. And who doesn’t like personalised stuff? It helps building relationships with prospects, leads, past and current customers. This is because it gives you a chance to talk to them directly and also gives them time to respond at their convenient time, without building any sort of pressure on them. And it is found that emails with subject lines that include the recipient’s name have 26% more chances to be opened than others. Source: Campaign Monitor.
One of the greatest perks of email marketing is that it is ‘Measurable’. With any email marketing software, you can track the number of people opening your mails, most clicked links and the number of people unsubscribed from your service. You can easily figure out how your email campaigns are performing, make necessary adjustments and can improve your effectiveness.
With a massive increase in the number of smartphone users, businesses are getting more and more opportunities to spread themselves across the globe. Now you’ll hardly find any smartphone user without an email. This gives you a chance to boost up your business with email marketing. People keep using their phones all the time, and hence keep checking the mails they receive. According to a study from ‘Exacttarget’ in 2014, about 91% people use smartphones to access their mails as compared to 75% people, who used smartphones for social networking.
In the coming future, interactive digital marketing will have a higher appeal and response rate among various target market groups. And email marketing offers businesses the opportunity to deliver interactive content directly to the consumers’ inboxes at a very nominal cost as compared to other marketing platforms. Creating more interactive email content will not only help your business to capture more attention of your target audience, but you will also be able to integrate other channels into your digital marketing. The more integrated you make your marketing campaigns, the more contact points you’ll create within your target market.
So buckle up and create some interesting and creative mails and hit the send button.