We bring your ideas into action and come up with varied designs and functions for mobile apps that can successfully work on different mobile systems.

Peculiarities about Zithas mobile applications


User oriented

We come up with designs that are convenient, simple and easy to handle which ensure high customer acceptance and proper functionality of the mobile application.


We keep in mind the overall structure and look of the application and design it in a visually appealing way so as to enhance the experience of the user and help your application get its own recognition.

Adaptable updates

We aim at designing applications that last long and are flexible with updates. We work not only on feature updates but also keep the content updated.


Android being a popular platform with numerous users, we design applications for your business that support Android softwares and ensure their proper functioning. They are also thoroughly tested before bringing them on board.


The iOS has a separate group of potential customers which cannot be neglected. We develop iOS apps and make sure they function as expected and are maintained well after the testing and deployment process.

Cross platform

We develop cross platform applications for you that can function on multiple mobile platforms which helps your business reach out to a higher crowd. We design feature-rich apps that can operate on both Android as well as iOS.

We design apps with a broader and collective plan which will help your business grow.

We help your business launch its own, customised mobile application. These are our areas of finesse


Version Compatibility

We develop version compatible applications that can work and support two systems together without any chances of system errors, while also being forward compatible.


User interface

We design mobile applications that operate well and give a rich user experience. Our areas of focus are flexibility, easy navigation, relevant content and visually appealing graphics.


High performance

While developing applications, we make sure that we design them in a way that can ensure quick and quality performance along with consistency and smooth functioning.

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